Tianna Carter


Instructions for applying are included in each job posting. 

Accounts Payable & Receivable Coordinator Support Staff
Anticipated First Grade Teacher Professional Staff
Anticipated High School English Teacher Professional Staff
Anticipated In-School Suspension Monitor  Support Staff
Anticipated Reading Paraprofessional Support Staff
Anticipated Reading Specialist  Professional Staff
Anticipated School Psychologist  Professional Staff
Assistant Junior Varsity Softball Coach Athletic/Extra Curricular
Assistant Varsity Wrestling Coach Athletic/ Extra Curricular
Autistic Support Paraprofessional Support Staff
District Registrar Support Staff
ESL Paraprofessional Support Staff
HS Assistant Performing Arts Director Extra Curricular
HS Auditorium Technician Manager Extra Curricular 
HS Performing Arts Choreographer Extra Curricular 
HS Performing Arts Director Extra Curricular 
HS Performing Arts Pit Orchestra Director Extra Curricular 
HS Performing Arts Set Construction Manager Extra Curricular 
Middle School Science Teacher Professional Staff
Part-Time Crossing Guard Support Staff
Part-Time Lunch Room Monitor Support Staff
Second Shift Custodians  Support Staff
School Psych Intern Professional Staff
Substitute Custodian
Support Staff
Substitute Nurses
Support Staff
Substitute Aides and Secretaries Support Staff
Substitute School Bus Driver
Support Staff
Substitute Teachers Professional Staff

The Middletown Area School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability in its programs, or employment practices as required by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act.


For assistance, please contact employment@raiderweb.org


The Pennsylvania Department of Education precludes school entities from hiring applicants for a position involving direct contact with children without having obtained a disclosure form from prior employers where direct contact with children occurred. Because the definition of direct contact with children includes “routine interaction with children”, Middletown Area School District has determined that all of its employees could be subject to completion of the Act 168 disclosure. Applicants who have never worked in another school entity or where the applicant had direct contact with children are not required to complete the Act 168 disclosure. All other applicants should complete the form by following the instructions below.

Click HERE and print the form, then follow these instructions:

  1. Complete a separate form for each current or former employer that is a school entity or where you had direct contact with children.
  2. Complete only the top portion of the form listing the contact information for the current or former employer AND Section 1 to authorize Middletown Area School District to contact that current or former employer. Be sure to complete Section 1 in its entirety including your information (bottom of page 2), the declarations (top of page 3), and your signature and date.
  3. Submit your completed disclosure form to Human Resources. Do not send the disclosure directly to your current or former employer.

Click HERE then follow these instructions: 

  1. You will need to have a credit or debit card ready.
  2. Select ‘Submit a New Record Check’. DO NOT SELECT THE NEW RECORD CHECK FOR VOLUNTEERS ONLY. Complete the requested information and payment information. After processing the clearance and receiving a ‘No Record’ status, select ‘Certification Form’ link and print the form.
  3. If your status indicates “Under Review”, record your reference number and the date of application. Access the website periodically to check the status of your record. Select ‘Check the status of a Record Check’. Complete the requested information exactly as you had with your original application. If your status has been updated to ‘No Record’, select the ‘Certification Form’ link and print the form. If the status shows there is a record, please submit the form to determine whether employment will be possible.
  4. Submit a copy of the Certification Form to Human Resources.

Click HERE then follow these instructions: 

  1. You will need to have a credit or debit card ready.
  2. Enter the following Service Code: 1KG6XN
  3. Select ‘Schedule and Manage Appointment’. Complete the registration process and schedule an appointment to be fingerprinted at a local site.
  4. Please provide a copy of your registration form or your UEID to Human Resources.
  5. After you have completed the online registration, you must be fingerprinted at the designated print location. Please be sure to take a copy of your registration form as well as a form of identification and payment (money order or credit/debit card) with you.
  6. After you are fingerprinted, the District will access your records electronically utilizing information contained on your registration form or your UEID. The record is then printed and maintained in your personnel file.

Click HERE then follow these instructions: 

  1. You will need to have a credit or debit card ready.
  2. Create an account with a valid email address or log into an existing account.
  3. Once you are logged into the system, select ‘Create Clearance Application’. For the Application Purpose, select ‘School Employee Governed by Public School Code.’ Complete the application information and submit your payment.
  4. You will receive an email notification when your results are available. At that time, log into your account and print a copy of your clearance.
  5. Submit a copy of your clearance form to Human Resources.

Click HERE and print the form, then follow these instructions: 

  1. Complete the form in its entirety, including the certification by signing and dating the form.
  2. Submit the form to Human Resources.
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